Fernando González Alonso


The present work refers to gamification in the context of Intercultural Education, as a playful technology that motivates and stimulates students' effort and acuity and, in addition to teamwork, enables students to learn to work in cooperation with others, to achieve the goal with a specific, neuroeducational style, methodology and resources, a science that develops brain functions with certain educational strategies and technologies. Intercultural Education is based on the teaching of values such as communication, solidarity, respect, tolerance and inclusion of diverse students in school and the cultural and social integration of people in a common project. With this look, we present a training process through a learning workshop through gamification techniques such as less escape space and brain, along with inclusive dynamics such as “Visual Intercultural”, “Comparing Interculturality with” and “Unboxing Intercultural ”, Foster reflection on the conceptual and experiential framework regarding interculturality, migration and its challenges, impacts and processes with factors considered 'for' and 'against', close to education and their relationship with interculturality.

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