Call for paper: From the Cultural Criticism to Cultural Studies and vice versa - Latin American perspectives

This special number calls for contributions coming from different areas of knowledge, as well as, from multiple theoretical and critical perspectives that permeate the discussions on subjects such as: Postcolonial critique; Decolonial thought; Subalternity, in Betweenness; Queer Theory; Gender; Feminism; Globalization; Cultural translation; transculturation; Interculturality; Hybridization; Reception theory.

v. 20, n. 36, 2018/2


Dr. Eduardo Restrepo - Pontifícia Universidad Javeriana - Colômbia (e-mail: restrepoe@javeriana.edu.co)

Dra. Valeria Añon – UBA/UNPL – Argentina (e-mail: valechilanga@gmail.com)

Dra. Rosângela Fachel de Medeiros – URI/FW – Brasil (e-mail: rosangelafachel@gmail.com)


Deadline: 15 June 2018.